Monday, April 27, 2009


As we now begin the process of editing all of the wonderful material you all have contributed, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge all of you who have so far participated in the making of "Spec: The Documentary". Though we are still scheduling a few final interviews, please stay posted for more developments, such as our first public screening which we are planning for the end of October.

From Pitchfest ’07:

Bob Chimiel, Robert Chmiel Productions

Bob Schultz, Pitchfest Director

Zoltan Barabas, Vancouver writer/promoter

Andrea Seybold, Seattle housewife writer

Viki King, motivational writer

Josh Weinstock, husband/father and pharmaceuticals rep

Loren Reed, writer/comedian

Evelyn Cole, writer/novelist

Talana Lynum, 9-year-old writer/actress

Justin DiPego, writer, horse trainer, son of Jerry DiPego

Elena Zaretsky, writers group participant

Gayle Jackson, writers group participant

Laurence Cruz, writers group participant

Christopher Schultz, writers group participant

Nicholas Johnson, writers group participant

Sam Simkin, screenwriter, Writers Store worker

Mario Moreno, screenwriter, Writers Store worker

Jesse Douma, Writers Store owner

C. Andrew Hilton, script reader, screenwriter

Michael Zola, DMD, visited by Josh Weinstock on business call

John Truby, author, screenwriting guru

Kirsten Thayer, Final Draft product planner

Marc Madnic, Final Draft founder and president

Mark Clark, Las Vegas screenwriter, form prison guard (speaks outside prison)

Mark Gelarderes, Las Vegas screenwriter (speaks at petroglyphs)

David Chance, president, Las Vegas Screenwriters

Kris Young, screenwriter and WGA member, Asian writers group

Oscar Toruna, Latino screenwriter

Demetrius Bady, screenwriter and member of WGA Gay Writers Caucus

Michael Sodersten, NYC screenwriter

Cornelia Ravenal, NYC screenwriter

Mark Grisar, Westchester screenwriter and optometrist

Angela Schultz, Queens screenwriter

Jason Smiley, Vermont screenwriter

Kristen Gray, Queens N.Y. Screenwriter

Jeff Drongowski, screenwriter, sold script at eleventh hour before start of strike

Anthony Grieco, screenwriter, sold script at eleventh hour before start of strike

Emile Gladstone, agent, ICM

John Walton, Salt Lake writer, with MS now living in elder care facility

Angela Grimmer, Walton daughter, talks about hardship brought by father’s writing dreams

Dr. John Zhang, Wharton Business School PHD with theory on successful scripts

Dr. Jehoshua Eliashberg, Wharton PHD with theory on successful scripts

Lee Ross, Sundance screenwriter

Pamela Cuming, Sundance screenwriter

Ellen Smiler, wife of Josh Weinstock

Leslie Weinstock, mother of Josh Weinstock

Michael Weinstock, father of Josh Weinstock

Pitchfest ’08

Stewart Fergeson, English screenwriter

Marc Cherry, Desperate Housewives creator

Millard Kaufman, 92-year-old screenwriter, Academy Award nominee

Sonya Gay Bourn, screenwriter, stand-up comedian

Jenna Turner, Susina Bakery owner (popular writer hangout)

Stephanie Marracco, screenwriter

Maric Yates, carpenter-screenwriter

Raynold Gideon, “Stand by Me” co-writer

Bruce Evans, “Stand by Me” co-writer; director

Asia Esterak, African-American screenwriter

Rachelle Williams, African-American screenwriter

Kelly Fremon, screenwriter, sold spec, August release by Fox Searchlight

Ligiah Villabos, writer, “Under the Same Moon”

Dennis Palumbo, screenwriter, author, and therapist

Austin Kalish, long-time TV writer

Irma Kalish, former WGA Vice-President and screen/TV writer

Dale Launer, “My Cousin Vinny”

Marc Comstock, WGA Script Registration

Patrick Verrone, President, WGA

Gayla Nethercott, Agent, Nethercott Agency

Julianna Baggott, novelist, "Girl Talk"

Chad Clough, Script Pimp

John August, "Big Fish"

Ron Bass, Academy Award, "Rainman"

Kent Bowen, Fog River Fisheries

Michael Blackburn, editor, trailer cutter

Adrian Kay, editor, trailer cutter

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