Tuesday, August 28, 2007


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Justin DiPego knows that sometimes life can be a perfect balance -- between his work with horses and bringing his visions to the page in his other life as a screenwriter. Justin is a second generation screenwriter. His dad, Gerald DiPego, is probably best known for the sweetly memorable '96 hit, "Phenomenon".
Justin, like so many of the writers who have shared their stories with us, seems to have found the key to keeping life in perspective while he takes on each new writing project, holding onto the hope that this is the one that is going to push him over the top. And what's Justin's idea of hitting it big? Probably not a whole lot different than he has it now -- feed the horses first thing in the morning, write, then back for the late afternoon feed. Except that Star and Sundance would get to enjoy a few more creature comforts. Like maybe riding around in a plusher horse trailer.

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